Space NK

Increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Revenue to website through affiliate strategies

  • "59% Increase in Revenue"


    Space NK sought to increase site exposure, conversions and ROAS while utilizing general affiliate marketing strategies to obtain these goals. The El Toro Affiliate team in conjunction with the Space NK team implemented several methods to reach the desired objective.


    Space NK and the El Toro affiliate team collaborated together to offer affiliate publishers product gifting, exclusive publisher codes, and bonus commissions to gain additional site exposure. The affiliate team integrated new key publishers, which expanded access to new consumers and decreased overall base commissions to allow for negotiating higher bonus commissions.

    • 59%

      Increase in Revenue

    • 26%

      Increase in ROAS

    • 29%

      of Total Affiliate Revenue
      Produced by New Publisher Integrations

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